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Stopping screen saver activating on windows?

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Hello I've put the following code in my event loop as advised but the saver still comes on (and locks the machine). Any ideas? Cheers
	// Process Window Message Callbacks
	switch (uMsg)														// Evaluate Window Message
		case WM_ACTIVATE:												// Window activation or deactivation event
			active = !HIWORD(wParam);									// Check if the app. is minimised
			return 0;

		case WM_SYSCOMMAND:												// Intercept System Commands
			switch (wParam & 0xfff0)									// Check System Calls
				case SC_SCREENSAVE:										// Screensaver Trying To Start?
				case SC_MONITORPOWER:									// Monitor Trying To Enter Powersave?
				return 0;												// Prevent From Happening

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