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Anyone have nate.scuzzy.net backed up someplace I could download it from? I hate to bother Nate to ask, but I was just about to grab his Quake 3 map converter (again) to see how it worked, read NeHe and discovered his site was gone! Ack! I''m working on an Open Source game, and want to use WorldCraft for creating maps, and thought Nate''s Q3 map converter might either a) change my mind about using WC or b) help me figure out how exactly the maps could be read in. I know that Nate''s proggy deals with compiled BSP''s, but I thought that looking at other Quake-engine based code might be a help. If anyone else has any information (OTHER than that flipcode.com article that doesn''t really help me that much) about reading and rendering .MAP files, I''d appreciate that as well. I''ve been beating my (stupid) head into a wall trying to figure this out with no success. So far I''ve downloaded the source code to some of the HL tools out there, looked at the CSG code, but apparently I''m too stupid to figure this all out. Help! Thanks! ThomW www.LMNOpc.com

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Guest Anonymous Poster
If you just need the information from Nate''s site, go to google.com...they keep a cache of web sites.


just click on the cache instead of the link.

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