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A new way to create a window?

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I'm transitioning to Visual Studio 2K5 and currently am trying to create a window, however I'm getting errors about the function unable to use standard char *, it requires LPCWSTR. I have no idea what these are, is there any alternative? I typecast my char * to this (the classname, and window title, and even my width and height arguments give me problems) but the window is all wierded out. The window has no pre-defined size (it shrunk to the minimum) and the title is in chinese characters. any help would be more than enjoyed!! -stealthgate

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VS 2005 uses the unicode versions of CreateWindow etc by default. You need to pass it unicode strings, rather than ASCII strings. To use these, use the type "WCHAR *" or "LPCWSTR" instead of "char *", and prefix your string literals with L, eg:

CreateWindow(..., L"Title", ...);

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I prefer using the _T macros because it will use wide characters where needed and regular characters where needed depending on whether UNICODE or MBCS is defined. Here's a simple example that will work the same whether UNICODE or MBCS is defined.

#include <iostream>
#include <tchar.h> // definition of TCHAR and lots of good stuff

// make sure we use the proper stream
// depending on whether UNICODE or MBCS is defined
#if defined(UNICODE)
std::wostream &out_stream = std::wcout;
std::ostream &out_stream = std::cout;

int main(int,char**){
out_stream << _T("Whaddup");
return 0;

Also in tchar.h there are a lot of the old c-style string functions that are defined to be either the UNICODE or MBCS versions. for example ::_tcslen will be ::wcslen in UNICODE or ::strlen in MBCS. Its very useful and saves time. However, I'm not sure if tchar.h is actually a standard header. But you should be fine using any of the MSVC products at least.

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