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Light mapping techniques

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What kind of way would be optimal to do light mapping? There''s two possible ways I can think of doing this. 1) I include an extra mapping coordinates for every vertex I have and use them to draw light map blending it with diffuse color and base texture (and possibly ''detail'' texture) 2) I draw separate transparent polygons containing the light texture map over every face in the light range Using the way 1) I would: + have a constant amount of polygons independent from the number of lights. - have to use one texturing unit for light mapping and thus slowing down the rendering of the possible third texture since most of current hardware (gf2) sports 2 simultaneous textures in single pass. (radeon and nv20 have 3) - have to use at least two floats of mapping coordinates for EVERY vertex that are sent to 3d accelerator and so jamming the bus a little bit. Using the way 2) I would: + not have to have the extra mapping coordinate in every vertex + not have to draw the extra polygon in places aren''t ''lit'' - possibly have to create new vertices every frame for the light maps (there might be a way to get around this?) - have much more vertices to render and to send down the bus Oh and I don''t even know how light mapping is ''meant'' to be done, so if I''m talking bull shit just correct me please

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