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Confuzed on COM object pointers

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I have a twisted framework I build my game on. The framework has a lot of pointers to pointers. I'm trying to use smart pointers and I got really confuzed on sintax. No problem here:
//old sintax:
IDirect3DDevice9 *g_d3d_device;

IDirect3D9 *g_D3D;

//new sintax:
ATL::CComPtr<IDirect3DDevice9> g_d3d_device;

ATL::CComPtr<IDirect3D9> g_D3D;

And here comes the nightmare:
HRESULT dhInitD3D(IDirect3D9 **p_d3d);
HRESULT dhInitD3D(IDirect3D9 **p_d3d){
   (*p_d3d) = Direct3DCreate9(D3D_SDK_VERSION);

   return D3D_OK;
// function being called

HRESULT dhInitDevice(IDirect3D9 *p_d3d,IDirect3DDevice9 **p_device);
HRESULT dhInitDevice(IDirect3D9 *p_d3d,IDirect3DDevice9 **p_device){




   return hr;
// Function being called

I thought IDirect3D9 **p_d3d becomes ATL::CComPtr<IDirect3D9> *p_d3d but it doesn't work the code won't compile. Could anyone give me a kick off here? [Edited by - Calin on March 30, 2006 6:48:39 AM]

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ATL::CComPtr<IDirect3D9> *p_d3d; is a pointer to a smart pointer.
ATL::CComPtr<IDirect3D9*> p_d3d; is a smart pointer to a pointer.

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HRESULT dhInitD3D( ATL::CComPtr<IDirect3D9>& p_d3d)
p_d3d = Direct3DCreate9(D3D_SDK_VERSION);
return !p_d3d
: D3D_OK;

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Thanks for your replies!

Konfusius: I tried using your code. The problem is that last parameter in CreateDevice function has to be a
IDirect3DDevice9 **

From the DirectX SDK Documentation:

HRESULT CreateDevice(
UINT Adapter,
D3DDEVTYPE DeviceType,
HWND hFocusWindow,
DWORD BehaviorFlags,
D3DPRESENT_PARAMETERS * pPresentationParameters,
IDirect3DDevice9 ** ppReturnedDeviceInterface

Trying to use your method
ATL::CComPtr<IDirect3DDevice9>& p_device

fires a compile error.

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Yeah, to a certain extent. I have also to replace all my other DirectX interfaces(i.e. ID3DXMesh, IDirect3DTexture9 )with CComPtr pointers and I'm still shaky on pointers.

It will take a while until I will have everything working right.

Thanks for helping out!

[Edited by - Calin on March 30, 2006 10:43:01 AM]

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