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stdio snprintf

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Hello I want to write buffer safe code so I need to use sprintf with a buffer length as input so that the function doesn’t write past the end of my buffer. I know there is a new lib available but where can I find them. Next question: I was looking at numeric_limits<T> today but my vc80 compiler didn’t like
numeric_limits<float> fi;

It’s confused and wants to use the max macro instead. #define Max(a,b)….

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One more question

If I need to print floats and integers in my std::string what is the most common and safe way to do that?

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The sprintf function formats and stores a series of characters and values in buffer. Each argument (if any) is converted and output according to the corresponding format specification in format.

Example: Taken By MSDN(just removed void part)

#include <stdio.h>
int main( void )
char buffer[200], s[] = “computer", c = ‘l’;
int i = 35, j;
float fp = 1.7320534f;

/* Format and print various data: */
j = sprintf( buffer, “\tString: %s\n", s );
j += sprintf( buffer + j, “\tCharacter: %c\n", c );
j += sprintf( buffer + j, “\tInteger: %d\n", i );
j += sprintf( buffer + j, “\tReal: %f\n", fp );

printf( “Output:\n%s\ncharacter count = %d\n", buffer, j );

String: computer
Character: l
Integer: 35
Real: 1.732053

character count = 71

>For second question you need <limits.h>

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You're using C++. Use it.
std::string buffer;
std::ostringstream writer;
writer << "This is some of my text " << 32.0f << a_variable;
buffer = writer.str();

If you want easier format control look into Boost.Format.

With limits your problem is most likely the stupid min and max macros in windows.h. Add a #define NOMINMAX either before including <windows.h> or as a global project define. Also numeric_limits contains only static members, so you want numeric_limits< float >::max(). And the header is <limits>, not <limits.h>.


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