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[.net] Animation using progressive Mesh (recommendations)

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Hi online Has anyone ever made an animated model and applied a progressive mesh to it. I don't know how to do this and would appreciate some advice on what to do. Just some background of what I have already done... I have a model, and the model is animated. The program creates a root frame and when rendering, it climbs the frame hierarchy until it finds the Mesh. After all the bones etc have been transformed, it draws the Mesh. I have seen the progressive Mesh in the Meshdata property, and it is set to null. I know how to use progressive meshes with simple models, but the animated ones illude me. Its clear you have to create a progressive mesh when creating the mesh container, but there seems to be a problem. I have a function which generates a skinned mesh: customMeshContainer.SkinInformation.ConvertToBlendedMesh() - this function returns a skinned mesh for the mesh container. However, there is no function that returns a skinned progressive mesh. So I can't create the progressive mesh. Any ideas? Thanks :)

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