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I calculated my fps like this:
static Timer	t;

static float framesPerSecond    = 0.0f;                            
static float lastTime            = 0.0f;                         
static float currentTime = t.getTime();                
static float printedFrames  =  0.0f;
    // Increase the frame counter

    if( currentTime - lastTime > 1.0f )
// Here we set the lastTime to the currentTime.  
//This will be used as the starting point for the next second.
        lastTime = currentTime;

        // Reset the frames per second
        printedFrames = framesPerSecond;
        framesPerSecond = 0;

Then I printed the printedFrames. But for some weird reason, I got the same framerate (60) when I drew my whole map, and when I drew nothing at all? Thanks.

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Yes, make sure to disable v-sync in your code. Also, make sure that vsync is set to "application Dependant" (or whatever) in you driver properties.

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