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Simple Matrix Multiplication problem / Inverse Kinematics

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I've solved inverse kinematics for a hand. What I need is to solve it for a hammer. I have an equation that describes where the wrist should go and the orientation of that wrist. Now, my problem is, how do I translate the point I'm solving for from the wrist to the hammer. This is fairly easy with no rotation in the wrist, it's simply a translation of (0, -8.0f, -16.0f) My problem is, how do I translate the point if the wrist needs to be rotated to reach the point? If I have 1. the orientation of the point I'm calculating 2. the translation of the point I'm calculating 3. and the translation from the wrist. How do I solve for the hammer rather than the wrist? I can solve for the wrist by simply multiplying [1] and [2] together, but I'm completely lost on the hammer.

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