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Wanted: lead developer graphics library

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Hi there, I know this isn''t really the place to post adverts, but because this is a graphics programming forum i want to give it a try. Since a year i make an open source image library called FreeImage. It is a library that loads a large range of bitmaps, such as BMP, PNG, PCX and TARGA, saves them and converts them to different bitdepths. In the beginning of the lifetime of this library i also wrote some bitmap manipulation routines such as blurring and alpha blending. Because the library was becoming too bloated with features i decided to decouple the bitmap manipulation routines from the library and put them in a new one: FreeEffects. For this library i now search a lead developer. Particulary i''m looking for someone with experience in 2D graphics and/or game development who wants to spend his free time developing a nice library. Because of FreeImage, which has a very large userbase, i except FreeEffects to be an instant hit resulting in lots of homepage hits and downloads. If you are interesting in becoming a FreeEffects lead developer, please contact The homepage of FreeImage (and the place where the current sourcecode of FreeEffects can be downloaded) is: Floris

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