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D3D8 Tutorials

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I've got a question about the D3D8 tutorials and DirectX 8 in general. Last night I compiled the first tutorial, CreateDevice, and executed it. What I found out was, it didn't work. It didn't do anything for that matter. It simply didn't run. No message boxes about incompatibility or anything. Has anyone else experienced this? Now, of course, it could be my video card -- Voodoo3 3000 AGP, Latest Drivers (1.07.00), DirectX 8, Windows Me -- because I've noticed that a lot of the examples won't run either, but those at least give me warnings as to why not. So, I guess this brings up other questions. Should I invest in a new video card? Something that's compatible with all the D3D Features? Also, in the mean-time, are the D3D7IM Tutorials worth my time? Well, that's about it. Thanks for your time guys... - Mike P.S. This brings up another question. Would it be better then, seeing as how I'm limited in my D3D features, to start out with OpenGL? Edited by - mkaltner on January 30, 2001 12:14:16 PM

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I have the same card, and when i installed the latest drivers I got the same results.

Simple solution:
Download older drivers and install them, then dx8 will work just fine.

It''s just the newest drivers that aren''t any good.

Just because the church was wrong doesn''t mean Galileo wasn''t a heritic.
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Well, I recently moved and am out of a cable modem for a while so would you be able to let me know which driver version you''re currently using?

Downloading 8 meg at a time on a crappy modem connection is just not fun...

- Mike

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