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Display problem for adjacent elements due to Rasterization

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Hello, I'm trying to build a level for a game. I have several independent elements that I put in fixed positions to build some shapes. For example, to make a wall, I put several "Brick" elements together. The problem is that when I move the camera, some little graphic problems arrise: the delimitation between the brick elements may appear and it looks like the elements are not really part of an uniform surface. Even if the next brick's first vertex has exactly the same coordinates as the previous's brick last vertex, a little separation between the two elements may appear sometimes when scrolling the camera. I think it's due to the rasterization algorithm that may skip some of the pixels located on the margin of the bricks so that some pixels are not drawn (see "rasterization" in the directX doc). Has anybody encountered such a problem, and what could I do to eliminate this problem? Thx.

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