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Simple Q - 2D ball to line collision responses and curves

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I'm currently investigating different methods to handle the simple physics of my next project. It's 2D and will need to be able to have a ball/circle that is able to bounce, roll and have friction against a series of lines that form the game world. Simple enough. The problem is, all of the approaches I've looked at so far fall down when a fast moving ball is moved into a representation of a curve (EG a lot of small lines that make an approximation of a curve). I need to find a system that will react normally while moving along long strsight lines, and one that that will allow the ball to curve around smooth curves easily and at high speeds. I figured pinball would be the best place to start, but I'm having a hard time finding any good articles about pinball collision response systems. Does anyone know any good articles/tutorials/papers that cover this, or perhaps another system that would also work?

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