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C# text based game tutorial

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[google] links to lots of good (and not so good) tutorials out there.

A quick search for "C# tutorial" gives these tutes that look promising. These were some of the top results:

Looks long and in depth. Lots of good stuff.

Short and to-the-point.

Appears to be a bit pedantic, but the details are often good to know.

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Here are a set of C# webcasts by Microsoft and Digipen-- Free.

At the bottom of that page, you'll find the 8-hour lecture series that has a 2-d top-down scroller. At the top of the page, you'll find an 11?- hour 3-d game.

I'd recommend starting at the 100-level 2-d series.

They are free, even if they're not live anymore.

Hope that helps!

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