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Udi Raz

color is changes

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Hi, I am drawing a red ( pure red 0xFFFF0000 ) rectangle in screen space. Then i am loading a model and set texture. When I set the texture the color of the rect changes to a dark red. Here is the code of Render()

  //Clear the buffer to our new colour.
   hr=g_d3d_device->Clear(0,  //Number of rectangles to clear, we're clearing everything so set it to 0
                          NULL, //Pointer to the rectangles to clear, NULL to clear whole display
                          D3DCLEAR_TARGET,   //What to clear.  We don't have a Z Buffer or Stencil Buffer
                          0x000000FF, //Colour to clear to (AARRGGBB)
                          1.0f,  //Value to clear ZBuffer to, doesn't matter since we don't have one
                          0 );   //Stencil clear value, again, we don't have one, this value doesn't matter
      return hr;

   //Notify the device that we're ready to render
      return hr;


   //Bind our Vertex Buffer
   g_d3d_device->SetStreamSource(0,                   //StreamNumber
                                 g_list_vb,           //StreamData
                                 0,                   //OffsetInBytes
                                 sizeof(TriVertex)); //Stride

   //Render from our Vertex Buffer
   g_d3d_device->DrawPrimitive(D3DPT_TRIANGLESTRIP, //PrimitiveType
                               0,                  //StartVertex
                               2);      //PrimitiveCount


   for( DWORD j=0; j<g_dwNumMaterials; j++ )
   	// Set the material and texture for this subset
   	g_d3d_device->SetMaterial( &g_pMeshMaterials[j] );
   	g_d3d_device->SetTexture( 0, g_pMeshTextures[j] );
   	// Draw the mesh subset
   	g_pMesh->DrawSubset( j );

   //Notify the device that we're finished rendering for this frame

   //Show the results
   hr=g_d3d_device->Present(NULL,  //Source rectangle to display, NULL for all of it
                            NULL,  //Destination rectangle, NULL to fill whole display
                            NULL,  //Target window, if NULL uses device window set in CreateDevice
                            NULL );//Unused parameter, set it to NULL

   return hr;

Any Ideas ?

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Hey bud,

The only thing i can think of is that the texture might have red in it, and therefor being drawn onto the quad for the rect.


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You'll need to disable texturing before drawing the rectangle. Otherwise direct3d will texture the rectangle using the texture - and since you havn't set any texture coordinates you'll probably just get a single pixel of the texture stretched across the entire rectangle. This would explain the effect you're seeing.

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