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DX9 mesh animation sets and Lightwave 7.0

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Is it possible to export a model in Lightwave 7.0 to a .X file with animation set data? It seems that if I want to animate multiple instances of a character in my game, I need to give each one an AnimationController, bind each one to a current animation set, and call the controller's updateTime() function for each instance. This seems pretty hard to do unless I actually have the animation set data. My other idea was to just have all of the animations that the character uses in one single animation set, and just split it up into start/end intervals. However, I don't know if it's possible to control an animation just by specifying begin/end times, much less by specifying exact frames in the animation cycle to use. So, I'd rather not do this. As a last resort, I could just create a separate .X file for each animation sequence, but that's pretty awful. What cun I deww? (Btw, I am using the DStorm exporter; should I use a different one?)

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