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space wars

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Original post by phil67rpg
well I am programming a space wars clone using openGL any comments

Generally you'll want to ask a question. Or provide something for us to actually comment on.

Saying that you're writing a space wars clone will pretty much net you "good luck" and that's about it.

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Guest Anonymous Poster

any comments

no - but a few questions...

1) do you have a link to the original game?

2) What are the minimum specs?

3) What are you developing with?

4) What OS are you shooting for?

5) What language are you going to program it with?

6) How old are you?

7) How long have you been programming?

8) What programming books do you own?

9) What score did you get on your last math assignment?

10) How big is your monitor? Is it an LCD?

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