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reading in a file

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i would like to read some values in a text file and use these values as object coordinate components in my application. the function that reads the file returns a char table. for instance : if a file contains a value of -1.0f the reading function will return a char table organised like that: table[0]=- table[1]=1 table[2]=. table[3]=0 table[4]=f As you can see, i can't use these values like that. I'm looking for a method which could allow me to transform theses char and recover the real value ?

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Writing a function or method to do this yourself is trivial and would be a good excercise. Unfortunately I can't offer any direct solution though as I have always used my own functions for this.

I am unsure whether or not the strtol()/strtof() functions are part of the standard and may be undefined by the standard.

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1) open file
2) copy whole contents into one string container

hope this helps:

#include <fstream>
//copy file to existing_string
std::ifstream config( para_configPath.c_str() );
print::Instance().Error( "no_file", para_configPath );
std::ifstream file(filename);
existing_string.assign(std::istreambuf_iterator< char >(file), std::istreambuf_iterator< char >());


use your i/o class and convert it. (probably will be slower than the above)

for( int i=0; i<Table.length(); i++ )

std::cout << somestring;

hope that was helpful.

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