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SDL Surface data saving using Devil

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Hello to all; I'm trying to save surface data [pixels] of an SDL_Surface to a file using Devil. Well i can't save the surface as it always shows me the famous error about memory reading [i'm using vc++] do you have any idea on how to do this?

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How are you doing the copying?

I imagine you would do it something like this:

Create a new texture.[Save state]

Make it the current image.

Resize the texture and copy SDL_Surface data to it.
(Note: Actual parameters depend on the format of the SDL_Surface data)
(Note: Make sure you lock the SDL_Surface.[SDL_LockSurface(sdlimage);])
1, //Depth 1 = 2d,2 = 3d
3, //Bytes per pixel
IL_RGB, //format

Unlock the surface.[SDL_UnlockSurface(sdlimage)]
Save it to whatever format you want.

Delete the texture.[Restore state]

Good Luck.

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Also make sure you give it the pitch instead of the width of the surface where appropriate. The width of an image is usually only a logical width and not really what the pixel data in memory looks like.

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thanks so much for your answers but i think i got another problem i first tried the pitch as basement said but it gave the wrong output... So i thought i can try width but it gave another 'wrong output'. So here is my code and what my output [with pitch] looks like

ILuint img;
ilGenImages(1, &img);

if (Bitmap == NULL || Bitmap->w == 0 || Bitmap->h == 0) {
return IL_FALSE;


if (!ilTexImage(Bitmap->pitch, Bitmap->h, 1, Bitmap->format->BytesPerPixel, IL_RGB, IL_UNSIGNED_BYTE, Bitmap->pixels))
return IL_FALSE;


ilSave(type, filename);

ilDeleteImages(1, &img);
return IL_TRUE;


and here is the input:

ok as you can see i don't thik pitch is what i need; i think w is what i need because my output image looks good [in sizes i mean] with Bitmap->w; but there's still something missing... look at the next output:

[Edited by - Dec1pher on April 5, 2006 10:41:12 AM]

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Make sure the SDL surface is either 3 or 4 bytes per pixel. If it is not, convert it to the correct format using SDL_ConvertSurface(). Imagelib wouldn't handle any surface format besides these two.
I noticed in the ilut.h header a stub for ilutSDLSurfaceFromBitmap(). It would be good if you submitted this code to the imagelib people:)

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Thanks everyone for your help...
I think i'm reaching somewhere.

As you can see my image was 250 * 250 so i tried with another image its sizes are 305 * 128 and guess what? Code worked perfectly. So now what do you think about this? What can be the problem...

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My suggestion: use SDL_image to load your pictures. Linky

It loads alot of files and there will be no conversion hassle from DevIL's format to SDL's format.

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It looks like SDL surfaces use padding(on 32bit boundaries) for each image row.

Imagelib doesn't appear to be able to detect the padding. A pitch parameter for ilTexImage() would solve this problem.

A work around would be to convert all images to 32bit and then you won't have to deal with the padding issue.

Note that SDL_SaveBMP() is available if this format is an option for you.

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