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Need Control Array Help in VB

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I am making a Tetris game. I have all of the bricks stored as gifs in a control array in a frame. I need help on making the bricks fall in a random order. Is there a better way to do this than what I am doing? And also, do i need to have a game loop? How would I go about making one? Thanx a bunch ya''ll! The LilShaz

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I recently finished a Tetris clone in VB that utilizes DX and the whole works. A control array of gifs is gonna run as well as molasses im afraid. I suggest researching game programming, this is more than a simple post can explain.

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Original post by Shazer

That there is my lil bro. Do any of ya''ll know any good VB game developing sites? This doesn''t seem to be one.

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SuperNova Games

Check out the following sites:

I would personally recommend NOT using a control array, as was said before it will be very slow. Also VB.NET does away with control arrays from what I''ve heard, so start learning to do without them.

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