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Unity My game wont render while using DevPartner profiler

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To get things started, I am using Visual Studios 2003 (build 3088) and DevPartner Profiler Community Edition. My graphics are being rendered through ClanLib. So I have installed the DevPartner which integrated with my VS environment without a hitch. I went through the docs and set things up, as far as I know, it works (I am using good old unmanaged C++). I tested it with a regular console application and it generated results like it's supposed to. Now for the problem, I do the same for my game application and when it runs, all I get is my window with a WHITE SCREEN where all the graphics should be. The interesting thing, is that the game is STILL RUNNING just fine. I confirmed this by switching to debug mode, it goes through my game loop and all my input still works. Afterwards, it does generate the .dpsession and I can look through how much time was spent on every line and all that good stuff, but not being able to view the game prevents me from getting actual game run simulations. ClanLib does it's rendering through OpenGL, maybe it's related to that. I have the /MT (multithreaded library) thing set because ClanLib requires it, maybe related as well? It's just really strange that everything works, except it doesnt actually draw anything to the window. I even tried running the .exe (after it's been instrumented, and I know because it's a larger filesize), and it does the white window as well, and just generates a .dpsession file in the same directory when I exit. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? I'm hoping I just missed a setting somewhere that I dont know about. PS: It's scary how the code that I did get to profile spent 89% of the time on font draw call :P

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Is nobody familiar with this problem? I tried recompiling all of ClanLib with instrumenting all their source, but it still ended up giving me the white screen so that wasnt it. I just dont get it.

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Hmm...I'm using the trial of v8 with VS2005 and directX and it works fine, although this doesn't really help you :P

I would suggest emailing their tech support. They are absolutely fantastic. They helped me with all my issues, and that was just for the demo!!

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I can confirm that it doesn't work, but unfortunately have no solution for this...

(I haven't tried that: Link)

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That link has lead me to a solution without having to contact support. I went into the DevPartner options, went to exclusions, and added opengl32.dll from my C:/windows/system32.

Everything appears to be working like a charm! Thanks :)

Edit: While the profiling works through my VC++ IDE, if I try to run the app through the .exe manually in explorer that has been built/instrumented, it will still white-screen. I can live with it.

[Edited by - Necrosis on April 6, 2006 3:05:19 PM]

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