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Sliding Collision Reponse

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I am trying to implement a sliding collision response algorithm. The collision tests work fine - I'm using the external library ColDet. First, I create the bounding sphere for the player - which is just the camera position with an arbitrary radius of 20. Each frame, after moving the character according to input, I check for the collision of the world with the sphere generated as described above. Upon a collision, I have the following information: O - The position of the camera before any movement occurred, Q - The collision point as returned by coldet, N - The normal of the surface that collided with the sphere, C - The current position of the camera. I've tried several things - the only thing that seems to work 'OK' is to just set the new camera position to be Q + (20 * N) - and continue this check until no collisions occur. However this leads to problems in a number of circumstances. For instance when pushing back along the surface normal causes another collision. If anyone could please help me out with this problem it would be greatly appreciated.

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