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Unity Browser Based Game : Anyone interested ?

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Simple question really... Is anyone interested in coding a browser based MMORPG with me..? I've already got a website, forum and a small community but I simply don't have the time to do it on my own and keep a 9-5 job at the same time without feeling the wrath of my Mrs. when I get in and start coding for the entire night... Basically if you know PHP I can use your talents. If you know PHP+MySQL even better. If you know Python aswell then that's excellent. HTML and javascript are an obvious requirement but you will need to know a minimum of PHP. The game has many functions built already like in game messages, a basic alliance concept, armouries, combat, grid based mapping, visibility of players via scouting, turn base updates of players accounts and the map and a lot more... I'm currently and always will absorb 100% of the running costs and give credit to anyone who is willing to work on it with me. If, and that's a big if, I can make the site profitable then I'm willing to divide the profits between the developers based on how involved people actually are with the development, obviously if you show up once and say "Yeah" you're going to get nothing, but if you take an active part in it with me I'm willing to disclose who much it's making and split accordingly... You can't sign up to the game, signups are closed at the moment as I'm doing a ton and a half of work on it... The website is at http://projectnecrosis.com I don't want to bin this project but I will have to unless I get some assistance. Any questions, comments, whatever... Fire away, I'm all ears and I've got the server for the next five years.

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