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creating mask

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The mask is not created, why?.
        case WM_PAINT:
            PAINTSTRUCT ps;
            HDC hdc;
            BITMAP bmp;

            hdc = BeginPaint(hwnd, &ps);

            HBITMAP hbmMem = (HBITMAP)LoadImage(GetModuleHandle(NULL),
            "win.bmp", IMAGE_BITMAP,0,0,LR_LOADFROMFILE);

            HDC hdcMem = CreateCompatibleDC(NULL);

            SelectObject(hdcMem, hbmMem);
            GetObject(hbmMem, sizeof(BITMAP), (LPVOID)&bmp);

            HBITMAP hbmMask = CreateBitmap(bmp.bmWidth, bmp.bmHeight, 1, 1, NULL);
            HDC hdcMask1 = CreateCompatibleDC(NULL);
            HDC hdcMask = CreateCompatibleDC(NULL);

            SelectObject(hdcMask, hbmMem);
            SelectObject(hdcMask1, hbmMask);

            SetBkColor(hdcMask, RGB(255, 255, 255));

            BitBlt(hdcMask1, 0, 0, bmp.bmWidth, bmp.bmHeight, hdcMask, 0, 0, SRCCOPY);
            BitBlt(hdcMask, 0, 0, bmp.bmWidth, bmp.bmHeight, hdcMask1, 0, 0, SRCINVERT);

            BitBlt(hdc, 0, 0, bmp.bmWidth, bmp.bmHeight, hdcMask, 0, 0, SRCCOPY);


            EndPaint(hwnd, &ps);


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What you're doing in that statement is loading "win.bmp" every time the window is painted. What you should do is load it once, store it for later use, and then just draw it every WM_PAINT event. Also remember to delete the image when you're done using it.

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