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Opening an html doc with the Win API

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atreyu    122
I'm writing a debug program that outputs errors into an html file. It works a lot like assert() only the info is placed in the html file instead of displayed in a message box. When an error occurs I want the html file to automatically be opened. I've tried
system("C:\\Program Files\\Programming\\Projects\\Direct3D\\Eclipse\\logfile.html");
but it doesn't work, and I would rather use something more up to date than system() anyway. I've seen dialog boxes before with links to webpages before so I'm guessing there's a better way. Thanks for any help. --Ben Edited by - atreyu on January 30, 2001 11:46:21 PM

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wrenhal    122
Original post by atreyu

Call me stupid, but I have no clue what that is and the link is for a shopping site.

What compiler??
Checkout your compiler's winAPI documentation for the command: ShellExecute

Or check the MSDN website for the win32 API documentation.

Edit: realized the title of message said WinAPI and so removed a bunch of junk that I wrote for no reason.

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Guest Anonymous Poster   
Guest Anonymous Poster
ShellExecute is a good way to run some application with some
command line parameters, but if you want a control on the newly
opened app (for example feeding a new page, or...) then you
must use OLE Automation, it gives you some functions to control
your IE session.

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