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Patch extraction from quad-based mesh

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Hello, I am currently working on rendering subdivision surfaces based on Catmull Clark rules. My meshes are 2-manifolds made of quads, represented by a half-edge data structure. Extraordinary vertices, i.e. vertices with a valence different from 4, are allowed. I would like to decompose a mesh into a set of maximally large patches, where by patch I mean a rectangular grid of control points. Maximally large means that each patch should include as many faces of the control mesh as possible. This way I could refine each patch independently and easily without employing costly data structures (like pointer based), but rather relying on the grid structure of the patch for connectivity information. Is anybody aware of any algorithm that would solve my problem? I only know the paper "Geometry Images" by Hoppe but it's too complex for my needs. I am not a topology guru so this algorithms should be relatively simple to implement, even if it does not give the optimal solution. Thanks Stefano

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