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GLUI Problems on Powerbook G3/250 Series

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I am using GLUI in order to code X-Platform OpenGL apps for MacOS, Linux, IRIX, and Solaris. The problem is that GLUI apps crash at runtime on my Powerbook G3/250 Series (whether I use my own programs or ones others have compiled). The same app will run fine on a G4 desktop and other desktop macs. I am using OpenGL 1.2.1 and the newest SDK from apple (the v1.0 SDK didn''t work either), MacOS 9.0.4, and running with the MacOS 9.0.4 base-only extension set. I have found that by disabling the "ATI 3D Accelerator" extension,the programs do NOT crash the MacOS, but no GLUI controls are drawn. Has anyone out there successfully used GLUI on a Powerbook G3 Series laptop? If so, can you offer any fix-it advice? Thanks, Aaron

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