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Unreal textures - separate thread?

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You know those fiery, wavy, and blurry particle textures you see in Unreal? I was wondering if the engine processed those effects using a separate thread. Would there be any advantage to doing this on a Win32 platform? Just curious.

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Actually, I don''t know "those fiery, wavy, and blurry particle textures you see in Unreal", never having played . I also know nothing about the Unreal engine, so what follows is pure conjecture, though hopefully helpful.

It seems unlikely that these are processed in a separate thread.

In general, you''ll get the best performance from using a number of threads equal to the number of processors you have. More threads than that and the overhead of switching between threads begins to take away processor time that could otherwise be yours.

One reason to multithread on a uniprocessor machine is that you don''t know how long a task will take to finish, but want to continue another computation regardless of when that finish point is; the generation of these textures is not an open-ended process, so I don''t think that this reason is applicable.

If you''re multithreading a game such as unreal there are three major time-consuming tasks: graphics, physics and AI. These tasks will benefit more from separate threads than generating animated textures.

So: for all I know, it could be a separate thread, but I can''t see any reason why it would be: for all I guess, it''s not.


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