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Where should my frame time be focussed?

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hi a simple engine i''m writing does its own TnL, and then calls DrawPrim to rasterize. It seems to be going really slow, and so I profiled it and found that 90% of the time each frame was being spent in a function which simply called EndScene. Other programs i''ve written have always spent most time either with the draw prim call, or during TnL. Does anyone have any idea why this is happening. Another thing that makes me think something is wrong is that normally if i have something running at, say, 50fps, then if I profile it I get about 2 or 3 fps. With this program, though, I made changes and got the profiling fps up to 14fps, but this had no effect on the speed when not profiling - stuck at about 30fps. Please someone suggest something, cos I dont know what i''ve done differnent from usual. CHeers anyone Cameron

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