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Help about mixing DDraw with Direct3D

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Hi, I am posting this because I am trying to do a shooter like the old games calles "Zaxxon" and "Uridium" which was a Top Down view scrolling shooter (2D), But I want to use 3D hardware to use efects like lighting, alpha blending, alpha mask, etc. so the explosions look realistic, so I am using the CDX Wrapper to do my 2D Scrolling MAp, and here comes my trouble, I want to my sprites use a 3D hardware, so it must be polys or how can I do to use 3D effects in DirectDraw Surfaces? I mena all I want to do is draw 2D sprites with DX7 by making a triangle fan, and putting a texture on it I really apreciate any help. Thanks for your help!! Oscar México Edited by - ogracian on February 1, 2001 2:09:15 PM

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