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PNG and pack files

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Yeah, I noticed that, but I wanted to see if anyone knew of another way before I rewrote my PNG reading routine.


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I use PNG files in my game. Right now, they're all grouped in seperate directories as regular files. What I want to do is pack them all together into one file. Writing the packed file is not an issue, the problem is figuring out how toread the PNG files from it. libpng expects a file pointer for its reads, which isn't very viable with them packed together. So does anyone know how I could read a PNG file from a packed file? Or should I go with a different graphic format?

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Take a look at the Code on the Cob series of articles written by Chris Hargrove of 3DRealms. They're on, and in the issue that he delves into file i/o, he explains how to make a .pak'd file.

I'm glad you wrote this in the board, because it's reminded me to find out if I could get a local copy of these for GDNet. :-)


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