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About export data from 3sd Max Biped/Physique

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I'm writting an plug-in for 3ds Max in roder to export skined skeletal animation. I encountered problem. Can anyone help me? For a SAME node, (1) In order to export its mesh vertices, I use the following code: INode* pSelectedNode = pInterface->GetSelNode(0); GeomObject* NodeGeomObject = static_cast<GeomObject*>(NodeObjectState.obj); Mesh* pMesh = NodeGeomObject->GetRenderMesh(0, pSelectedNode, m_NullView, iNeedDelete); for(int i = 0; i < pMesh->getNumVerts(); ++i) { // Export each vetex. } (2) In order to export the bone influence for each vertex, I use the following code: // Get an IPhyContextExport interface. IPhysiqueExport* pPhysiqueExport = (IPhysiqueExport*)pPhysiqueModifier->GetInterface(I_PHYINTERFACE); IPhyContextExport* pPhyContextExport = (IPhyContextExport*)pPhysiqueExport->GetContextInterface(pSelectedNode); int iNumberOfVertices = pPhyContextExport->GetNumberVertices(); // or, int iNumberOfVertices = objectState.obj->NumPoints(); it is of same result. for(int i = 0; i < iNumberOfVertices; ++i) { // Export weights. } The problem is - the number of vertices and each vertex index in (1) do not coincide with that in (2)! What's the relationship? I mean, for example, I got a vertex index 5 in Mesh, how could I know its index in IPhyContextExport? Is it still 5? It seem not... I'm new on this, please help.

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