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Nice Coder

A socket to.... nowhere?

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in base currently, i'm setting up a socket from the cgi script that handles the users request, to the backend server which does the processing. This works well enough for most things, exept for one. For some odd reson, now my add.exe script refuses to work. Oh it conencts to the server. (server doesn't see any new connections, but the client says its connected anyway) Client sends data..... no nowhere. (no errors, the data is being sent ok... to nowhere) The server has no record of there being a connection, let alone any data being sent. And its only for that client. All the others (which are all basically the same template) work fine. Same with telnet. i'm just about tearing my hair out over this.... :@ Any idea what could cause this? (for those who want a look, Look here Click on add, and you'll see the script thats screwd. It acts properly, until you try and search for what you added. Then you notice that even tho there was no error code, nothing got through to the server...)

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