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Polymorphism question

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Hello, I have an unexpected development which has confused me. In my GUI, I have a class cBaseWindow. My button class cButton inherits from this. When buttons are made, pointers are stored in the GUI in a parent/child relationship. To render the button:
void cBaseWindow::Update( int x, int y, sGUIVertex* VertexBuffer )

	x += m_x;
	y += m_y;

	if ( m_permissions.m_isVisible )
		// render this window
		AddToVB( x, y, VertexBuffer );

	// render the children
	int numChildren = m_children.size();
	for ( int i = numChildren - 1; i >= 0; i--)
		m_children->Update( x, y, VertexBuffer );

This works fine for cButtons. AddToVB() is overridden by cButton in a polymorphic way. Now, I have another class, cTextButton. This inherits from cButton and has support for text labelling ( as opposed to an icon, which is cIconButton ). When I now call cBaseWindow::AddToVB(), the cTextButton calls the cButton::AddToVB() version, not the cTextButton::AddToVB() Why isnt cTextButton::AddToVB() called instead? Any ideas gratefully received... Thanks Simon

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