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Designing a space-shooter level format

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Hello! I'm currently doing a Space shooter game which is also a side-scroller. I would like this game to ressemble Jets 'N' Guns ( a very cool game btw ). Now, I'm faced with designing a file-frmat for the levels in this game. I'd like to have ideas from any of you that have already done such a thing. For the moment I'm thinking on some "time/event" based file. What I mean by this is that elements are added and removed of the level based on time in seconds. For example :
0.0 LoadEnemyDef("fooenemy","foo.ed") // id, file
0.0 AddBackground("BG","Mybackgroundfile.bg",3) // id, file, z-depth
0.0 SetBackgroundScroll("BG", 5) // id, pixels per second
4.0 SpawnEnemy("fooenemy") // enemyid
8.0 DisplayMessage("Hello world!", 0xFFFFFFFF, 5) // text, color, time
15.0 DisplayMessage("Boss Approching", 0xFFFFFFFF, 5) // text, color, time
20.0 SpawnFuckingHugeBoss()

Please note that this is more some kind of textual representation, it could also be a binary file. Could that be a good way to handle level? Do you have any other suggestions?

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Yeah, that would be a ok way to store the events in the level.
I did it the same way, I used xml to store it tought.

What you would want to make is a little editor for this. It would make it much
easier. It dont have to be fancy but you need to have a clear view of the timeline. (at least that was the problem for me until I wrote a little editor in wxPython)

Anyway good luck..

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