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Debugging with Multiple DLLs

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I'm trying to debug this C++ build that uses multiple DLLs but the issue is that I can not figure out how to break in another DLL where I want to. I tried adding the DLL project files to My solution, but doesn't seem to be working. When i create a breakpoint and then go into debug mode, the breakpoints have the hollow inside, stating that they've been disabled. Is there a way to fix this so that I can break where I need to? The section of code that I am trying to get to is not directly called otherwise it would make this trivial. I am using MS Visual Studio 2005 (no not the Expresss Ed). Any help would be greatly appriciated. thanks!
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At work I regularly attach to perhaps 4+ processes, and debug across 30+ DLLs. It's really quite easy.
As long as you are attached to the program that has the DLL loaded, then you can simply open up the source file into the instance of visual studio that is attached to the EXE, and place a breakpoint in the DLL code.
This works even if you have your DLL loaded by an exe you didn't write.
If the DLL has not loaded yet, then the breakpoints will show as disabled, but it will still hit them once the DLL loads.

You don't have to modify any solution, project, or source files at all.
I assume that the DLLs are debug builds, and are keeping the generated pdb files around?

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