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From Poser To DirectX X File

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I'm sure this has been asked a million times but I am trying to write an exporter for Poser that exports to the dx x file format. Poser has built-in python scripting support and has a lot of functions for manipulating and interfacing with the models in the program. The joint/skinning information it lets you obtain are the Joint Vertex Weights and the Twist Vertex Weights. From looking at other files of x format, it seems that each "weight" is just one value but in poser the functions JointVertexWeights and TwistVertexWeights are actually vectors. So one part of the mesh has 200 vertices, the weights for the mesh will have 2 components for the joint vertex and one for for the twist which will always give you one x,y, and z component. All the matrix transformations for the meshes are given too. Anyone got ideas on how to use this information to correctly export some skin information on the poser model?

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