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Announcment: ATi Render to Vertex Buffer for MDX! Cool stuff :)

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Hey everyone, Just wanted to say that I've got managed bindings for ATi's render to vertex buffer up, ready for you all to (ab)use :D. If you're unfamiliar with R2VB, it's a technique that allows users to render vertices to a texutre, and then bind this texture to a vertex stream. This allows for us to compute vertex data on the pixel pipeline (24 on X1800 hw, iirc!) and then update vertex positions without having to lock anything! This gives for some incredibly fast displacement stuff, and opens D3D9 towards D3D10. I have a little sample included that just waves a grid up and down (sine function) and despite the inefficient coding, I'm getting well over 300 fps :) So, if you want to take a look, here's the .zip file. It contains source, and 2 assemblies, one is the sample, the other is what you will want to reference to get the extension. If this does interest you, you should also get the ATi SDK, as that contains the R2VB programming guide which is quite essential. Enjoy ^_^

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