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Managed DirectSound, problems creating Buffer

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I'm trying to load raw 8-bit 11025Hz samples from a binary file. Right now though I can't seem to even create a damn buffer. Here's the code:
	public class Sound 

		private DirectSound.Buffer Buffer = null;

		public Sound( long Location, BinaryReader Reader, DirectSound.Device DirectSound_Device )
			int Frequency = 0;
			int Samples = 0;
			long OldPosition = Reader.BaseStream.Position;
        		Reader.BaseStream.Position = Location;
        		requency = Reader.ReadInt16();
        		Samples = Reader.ReadInt16();
			DirectSound.BufferDescription Description = new DirectSound.BufferDescription();
			Description.BufferBytes = Samples;
			Description.ControlFrequency = true;
			Description.GlobalFocus = true; 

        		Buffer = new DirectSound.Buffer( Reader.BaseStream, Samples, DirectSound_Device );
        		//Buffer.Frequency = Frequency;
        		Reader.BaseStream.Position = OldPosition;
		public void Play()
			Buffer.Play( 0, DirectSound.BufferPlayFlags.Default );

On the buffer creation line, I get "Exception System.ArgumentException - Value does not fall within the expected range.". The stream is open and the device isn't null, so why is it saying the values are wrong?

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