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Lisp is another programming language but very much unlike C++. C++ is what's known as an imperative language while LISP is mostly functional. In an imperative language you basically have a list of things to do which are executed in sequential order. In functional languages you instead evaluate functions (in the mathematical sense, rather than say C++ like functions). In a purely functional language side-effects are not allowed so a function basically computes a value from it's arguments and does not modify the values of variables. Note that this value doesn't have to be an integer, it could be a string, a floating point number, a list, or even another function.

Lisp or any functional language is worth learning as it's a different way of thinking about programming and you'll become a better programmer once you understand it. While you may not use a functional language in most of your work, learning one will introduce you to new ways to think about and solve problems in a programming language. If you want to learn Lisp take a look at Practical Common Lisp.

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