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3D Animation/Modelling

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Is there a high 3D Animation/Modelling software which I can buy for less than £500/$878. To make 3d games like they have in top games today, or a software that comes close to it. Thanks for your help

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3D Software $100 to $1,000
3D Matrix
Amapi Designer
Amorphium Pro
Hash Animation Master
LightWave 3D
Pixels 3D
Realsoft 3D
Softimage|XSI Foundation
Strata 3D

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Unfortunately not all of those will give you what you need, but the list is good.
XSI, Lightwave, or Cinema4D will be almost neccessary (I recommend them in the order I listed). For making the high-poly model, you should get ZBrush. Silo and Modo are good, cheap modellers, but I'm not sure about their animating/binding capabilities.

Edit: I'd stay away from the programs on that list I didn't mention, with the possible exception of Amapi. I either haven't heard of a handful, or the others aren't really what you're looking for (ie, not good at finished graphics, or creating things from scratch, etc).

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