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Good paper on constrainted physics?

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Raeldor    254
Hi, I have implemented simple collision detection and response system with bounding volumes into my engine, but now want to look at setting up constained relationships (joints?) between objects. Ie, two objects are joined by a constraint such as a hinge. Are there any good papers on this? I was hoping that David Bradaff's lecture notes would move onto this in more detail, but the two papers I have found do not seem to cover this specifically. Thanks!

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John Schultz    811
Erin Catto's paper and demo.
Danny Chapman's Jiglib demo.

Both use impulse-based constraint methods (simpler to implement and understand than LCP-based methods; not clear which is ultimately faster/more stable/scalable).

The physics source code for Doom 3 shows an LCP-based method (more complicated).

You might find Erwin's website helpful.

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