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C/C++ graphics

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brandonman    102
I made my first text based game in devC++(although script isn't C++) and I wanted to know what all I will need to start with graphics for C/C++ games.

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RedRabbit    109
Heh asking what you need for C/C++ graphics is analogous to asking what youll need if your going on vacation.

This topic is a heated debate between many factions; ranging from the 3D game gurus to the SDL learners, you'll get many different opinions here.

You pretty much have a lot of freedom but read up on what you think you can tackle next before proceeding. For 3D graphics your best bet is OpenGL or DirectX just because of the shear amount of help you'll receive via forum discussion and tutorials. 3D may, though, be a little bumpy, especially if your new still to C++ itself.

For starters, try some 2D'll most likely get a lot of SDL fans that will reply to this. I believe the site is or something. It's a very comprehensive and EXTREMELY accessible/easy interface for noobs like you and I to learn the basic mechanics of 2D games.

Like I mentioned earlier take your time. No matter which realm you go into: wanting to create a spinning cube or a pong clone, your going to have to sit down and learn a lot of material. You also will not be learning either of these in a day. Have a positive outlook because game/graphics programming can be really frustrating, but youll see the rewards are well worth your hard spent time.

Good luck buddy! And when you do go into 3D...go DirectX!!!! ITS THE BEST!!! (Haha,'ll be able to decide when you're ready to.)

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Liam M    223
Unfortuantely, Windows (which I assume you are programming for), makes things a bitmore complicated because it requires a little more setting up than plain old DOS. But this definately shouldn't hold you back. There are 3 main API choices you have for graphics:


Genrally the API you choose makes little difference, it mostly comes down to programming style. DirectX is probably the most convenient of the 3, but SDL and OpenGL are both cross platform (IE. Work with Linux and Mac as well as Windows), but I wouldnt be to bothered by that at the moment. Once you learn one, you can apply the things you have learnt and learn another. Just be sure to check all your options before you decide.

[Edited by - Liam M on April 16, 2006 10:45:22 PM]

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