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port a program from actionscript to ?/problems with c++ and opengl

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hi, i think i have a good idea for a computer game. now, of course, i want to create this game and play it. ;) so far, the programming language i'm best in is actionscript, so i started programming my game in it. i already created a RTS-like interface, which is working fine. now i want my units to run around in an isometric landscape, so i programmed an application that converts a heightmap into isometric coordinates. and, well, it actually works, but... it's *very* slow. you can see the flash-file below (needs flash 8, might take a moment before appearing): the flash file on my computer, the values shown at the bottom of the flash are ca. 6 seconds and ca. 2 seconds for rendering the image. and i don't think it makes sense to continue programming while your framerate is at ca 0.5fps... so, some research has convinced me that maybe it's just that actionscript is very slow, and that i need to write my program in a faster programming language, which leads to my question: -if i'm quite good in actionscript, what programming language would be best for me to learn? -or is there any way to make my actionscript applications faster? i've already tried c++ and opengl: i've downloaded visual c++ 2005 express edition, installed the platform sdk and tried to program some opengl graphics with it. but i guess actionscript has spoiled me, cause i encountered numerous problems: -i just can't get the glaux library to run. i included the glaux.lib, i included the glaux.h, but i still get ca. 50-60 linking errors as soon as i include a single glaux function. -this renders a lot of opengl tutorials useless for me, since they mostly use the glaux library. -the windows api on the other hand is simply a nightmare for me. i haven't found a tutorial yet that's able to explain to me all these functions and variables you have to declare just to open a single small window.

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