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Web Developer looking to shift industries

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I've been working in web development for quite some time, specifically with php. I've been wondering if web development is the right industry for me, I think maybe I'd prefer game development. What is the best method for a programmer to get into the game industry? Should I try and get a entry level programming position? Or should I try and specialize in a certain area and work that angle? I'm not really interested in graphics programming, but AI would be interesting to me. In college I majored in computer science and psychology, focusing on cognitive psychology. But if I wanted to pursue AI programming what is the best way to do it? Would I be better off to just build some games and get into general programming first and then try to specialize? What is a good language to learn? What do most game studios use? Visual c#? c++? Also, what is used more openGl or directX? Thanks for feed back.

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