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DirectX 9 Tutorials

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As suggested in the forum guidelines you really should provide us with more information if you want good answers.

DirectX 9 covers three core components - Direct3D, DirectSound (+XACT), DirectInput (+XInput)... You want to learn all of those? Or just one in particular?

To what end are you wanting to learn? Just the basics, through to the advanced stuff? Games? General Multimedia? What sort of applications are you writing?

What programming language are you using? DirectX 9 can be accessed in two main forms: C/C++ ("native DirectX") and C#,VB... ("Managed DirectX"). Not so important, but what level of general programming are you at? an advanced programmer can probably jump straight into the SDK for example...

Get back to us with some more specifics and I'm sure people will be able to make some suggestions.


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