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Building my demo- 2

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Hello, As per my last topic I am building my demo from scratch, Here is a mesh I am developing in the image of a woman with some curves. The poly count on this model is currently 4224. Also I formed the model in a bit of a pose to help me get a feel for the personality - like the arch in the back- I do not know enough about animation to know if this is acceptable. I am trying to attain work in the game industry for next gen systems, I know I have some ways to go, I would appreciate feedback. - soon I will have this at cgtalk /cgsociety B"H Thanks so much Zlehaklif just in case -

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Its not a bad first try. But you need ALOT of optimization and work.
-ALWAYS model in a neutral pose, as defined by your animation set you're working with. Unless she would have custom animations you're making from scratch, that pose won't work. Your concepts are there to show personality, not the model.
-The face has way too many polygons. You can probably get rid of 1/4 of them
-Her arms have an impossible bend in them, at the elbow.
-Skirts are very difficult to get to deform/animate correctly, I'd avoid them for a while.
-Hair will need layers/form to it.
-The model is very inefficient in general. You'll need to study alot of game models and see how they work, especially around the joints.
-Try fixing up this model, then throw it away. Just keep practicing. Its unlikely that your first 3 or so models will be satisfactory.

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