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KrabbitSoft Studios Inc. releases KWL Open Beta v 0.69

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KrabbitWorld Promo Poster KrabbitWorld Labyrinth is an immersive real time 3d action/adventure rpg for single or multiplay. It is a game geared towards the casual rpg but hardcore immersive controls fan. KrabbitWorld is an entirely unique, otherwordly environment populated by Krabbits, an intelligent, athletic race who preceeded humankind and all others. Adventure on the side of good or evil, choosing your attitude and having your character change according to how you choose to build it. KrabbitWorld Labyrinth is available to playtest on Mac, Linux and Windows Get your free demo here: FULL VERSIONS KWL v 0.69 (130 meg download) mac linux windows Required system specs are as follows: MAC OS X G4 +, 128 MB RAM OpenGL Compatible 3D Graphics Accelerator 64 Meg video card minimum, 128 Meg video card, or better, recommended Windows 98/SE/ME/2000/XP Pentium III 850, 128 MB RAM OpenGL 3D Graphics Accelerator, Soundcard 64 Meg video card minimum, 128 Meg video card, or better, recommended Linux Pentium 850, 128 MB RAM NVIDIA TNT2 or better 3D Graphics Accelerator, Linux-supported sound card 64 Meg video card minimum, 128 Meg video card, or better, recommended XFree86 4.0 or newer with NVIDIA OpenGL drivers glibc 2.2 or newer (e.g.: Redhat 7.x+, Mandrake 8.x+, Debian 3.0+) SDL version 1.2 or newer (1.2.3 or later is recommended) OpenAL Runtime or SDK Installation
Mesa3D version 3.4 or newer (3.4.2 or later recommended) * has been known to work with 32 Meg video cards on macs with OSX * has also been known to work on G3 Macs (but some graphics and performance issues may occur) Note: Video card must support OpenGL, ATI or NVidia preferred * there is a known issue with fog rendering on ATI video cards on mac The newest features implemented into the game are as follows: * Stats and Buffs displayed on screen * Click n' Drag Paper Doll Inventory * New compelling intro music and sound fx * Town and Shoppes open with items for sale * Ear Cuffs and Scribes with magical properties * Player Krabbits with distinctly different attitudes * Player Character size increases with Strength and Dexterity * Player Krabbits saved at closets, after training, leveling and exiting * Krajules, Magical Skribes, Mana, Stamina, Health potions dropped by mobs * Trainers in but training done temporarily by pressing "train" action icon * Closets of Holding in all levels activated by touch for instant travel< * Character Building, Krabbilities available for training up * Stamina hooked up, mana can be sold for Krajules * Town npcs animated, offer tips and converstion * Male and female Krabbit npcs ingame * Level Keys and first small quests This is an open beta, an unfinished game with early elements of rpg gameplay implemented. Many more features are ready to be hooked up and will be available in the next release. Known issues will be addressed in the next release. Known Issues * This is a new complete build. There is no need to press the 'news' or 'patch' button. * The Tutorial Level is currently under construction. * Training bug. If you apply training while skribes are active it deactivates the skribes. * Build points lost. If you don't apply your build points before closing the window you may lose them. * Multiplay is IRC driven and the multiplay interface is in early stages. (recommend reading the faq and tip posts) FAQ & IRC help Multiplay has not caught up to the current feature list. Therefore player one may not see player two's enhancements. * There is a graphic anomaly with ati video cards on mac. Fog rendering in front of .dif objects causes some distracting flashing. ATI is working on this issue. * There is a problem for Linux users with the Fedora Core 4 install. This will be addressed soon. * Sometimes a character seems to slide when picking up potions. This is a feature giving the player more control of the character. (preferable to continously stopping and starting when picking up loot) * Sometimes a monster blinks out of sight and appears some distance away. This is network syncing. * When entering the game in multiplay you may land on a team member's head. Just step down and walk away. --------------------------------------------------------- KrabbitWorld Labyrinth is being developed by the husband and wife team Turbo & Varmint with music created by New music and sfx will grace a soon to be posted build. 2 meg video of KWL multiplay testing KWL Screenshots Krabbit Korner Forums KrabbitWorld Website Come to KrabbitWorld and play!

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