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judge dreadz

which gfx card is better?

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aviosity    194
Hey dreadz,

You probably already know this, but the quadro is meant for professional workstations whereas the 7800 is meant for home gaming rigs. More info:

Quadro at Nvidia
7800 Series at Nvidia

Basically, Quadros are architected for professional apps, 7800s for general purpose computing/gaming. The 7800 is definitely better for gaming.

Hope that helps,

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TDragon    679
nVidia's Quadro series is designed and marketed as "graphical workstation" cards. In a nutshell, this means they favor "quality" or "accuracy" over "quantity". Quadro cards perform well when running technical programs like 3dsmax, CAD, or doing intensive high-quality rendering such as for CGI in movies, pre-rendered cutscenes for games, the like. These applications demand accuracy and consistent visual quality.

Conversely, the GeForce series is designed and marketed as "gaming" cards. This means they will try to push the most pixels, polys, and shaders out in the least amount of time as possible. They will use optimizations that may sacrifice quality.

Thus, your price difference.

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