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What books should I start with?

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I had read some books of C and C++ (in Thai text(I am Thai)) and try to move on to game programming,but it has only one Thai book that write about game programming with directx, so it would be great if you can give me some advice on what book or free source on internet I should use for game programming.

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I'm starting more and more to suggest OpenGL. Say for your future job, you have no idea what platform you're going to target ( admit it! :) ), nor if you'll be asked to do a mobile game, Windows desktop game, Linux, PS3, or even Mac users. Thus you gotta think how can you make your life easier during the mean time. Do you want to use DirectX and just stick to Windows? Will it hurt the requested job later? What about using an open graphics library that can be used on any system, and thus you can reach any target you wish? Enter OpenGL. Most assume it's just a graphics language, but companies found several community-based projects that have become standardized over the mean time. I highly recommend using something a bit more flexible for the job, especially when it's used more than just games: CAD, medical-imaging, movies, virtual reality, etc. And last, it's easy! Whatever you decide, good luck!

OpenGL - Graphics

OpenAL - Sound/Music

OpenML - Media

OpenGL|ES - Embedded Systems

Input - this is a bit more tricky. MS recommends using keyboard/mouse events in Windows since DirectInput does this anyway behind the scenes. Each target has their own input device libary, and for windows I still recommend using DirectInput for joysticks.

If you already know the Win32 API, Nehe's site is the best source for beginners:

If you just know C++, the RedBook is free & easy to use:

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